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choose to face a Fear and take the fall in order to cause a new Fear to emerge on the top of its stack. That player would lose -1 WMS as normal.
Combat & Spirit Stones:
In Challenge Mode, since the Fears are strong, placed Spirit Stones sacrificed in combat have a fixed damage and do not require a dice roll. It works as so: 4th Stone placed = 4 damage, 3rd = 3 damage, 2nd = 2 damage, 1st = 1 damage. One does not have to keep track of the order the Stones were placed on the board, simply the total amount of placed Stones one is sacrificing. For example, if one sacrifices 3 of the 4 Stones they have on the board they would damage the Fear by 6. If all 4 Stones are sacrificed then a damage of 10 would occur. Combat works in the same order as in base Zoneplex where Stones are sacrificed first, then the Warrior Monk’s attack via a die roll + WMS. Additionally, since it is a one-on-one or solo game there is no assist- ing another player in combat. Upon successful combat a Player goes up +1 WMS and
gathers Relics.
Placing Spirit Stones: In Challenge Mode, Spirit Stones can only be placed on Sacred Spirit Chamber Tiles, as in the original Zoneplex rules.
How To Win:
Upon capturing the 3rd Fear, the Player reveals their Sacred Symbol Card. This is their final mis- sion, where they must place one spirit stone on a corresponding Sacred Spirit Chamber Tile before entering The Eye. If the Action Cards run out before a player enters The Eye, the Zoneplex has successfully vanquished the intruding War- rior Monk(s). Bang on the table repeatedly for dramatic effect.
Advanced 2 Player Mode (Zonemaster):
No Action Cards are removed from play. A third Monkle is placed on the Influence Meter.
Players score their Influence when they have a complete Fear set, and when they reveal their Sacred Symbol Card. They can then place Stones throughout the Zoneplex to increase their
Influence. A Warrior Monk may enter The Eye before the other Warrior Monk has a complete set of Fears to win. If both players have a com- plete set, and thus reveal their Influence, the base game rules apply in regards to entering The Eye and having a decisive win with the included +2 Influence Bonus for entering The Eye. If the Action Cards run out, the player with the highest Influence wins! Usage of Influential Relics is optional.
Variant: Use the same Evocation Tile/Stack setup as in the 3-5 player game, thus allowing the Master Fears to be evoked at will.
Advanced 1 Player Mode (Gauntlet):
Fears do not drop Relics. Relics are only avail- able from Reliquary Tiles.

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