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Evocation Tile
Evocation Tile Evocation Tile Evocation Tile
Dark Power Tile x2 x2 x2 x2 x3
Type 1 (Blue)
Type 2 (Green) Type 3 (Purple) Master Fears
3-5 Players:
Setup: Remove all 9 Neutral Spirit Chamber Tiles and 2 Wall Tiles. Replace these with all the expansion tiles. Shuffle the Action Card deck, then find and set aside 1 of each Fear type (Blue, Green, Purple, Master). Reshuffle the Action Card deck and set stacking order as normal. Take Fear cards that were set aside and place them near the playing area. These will represent the starting Fears for the
Evocation Stacks.
until the Stone is removed. Players may also place Stones on Dark Power Tiles which give combat bonuses when the stone is sacrificed. Sacrificing a Spirit Stone placed on a Dark Power Tile in combat automatically causes 3 damage to the encountered Fear. This modified stone placement allows players an upper hand in combat by having Stones readily available on the board. A player cannot place a stone at the end of combat, which Evocation Tiles often (but not always) trigger. Placing Stones on tiles that are not Spirit Chambers does not award Influ- ence points.
Evocation Tiles & Evocation Fear Stacks:
There are four Evocation Fear stacks for each Fear class that house Fears that came into play and defeated the players. The Fears can be evoked when player movement ends on corre- sponding Evocation Tiles. When a Fear defeats a player (or players) in combat, instead of the Fear card remaining in the discard pile, players lay the Fear card face up on the corresponding Evo- cation Stack. When a player ends their move- ment on an Evocation Tile they evoke the top Fear of the corresponding Fear class from the Evocation Stack (Blue, Green, Purple, or Master) and engage in battle. A player can ask for other player’s assistance. If the Fear defeats the player(s) then it remains on top of its stack. If an Evocation Stack is depleted, the next Fear of that type to defeat the players starts a new stack. Until then, that Evocation Tile is inactive. Relic
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Evocation Fear Stacks
Placement/Movement Action Cards represent mandatory amount of tiles to draw + place and maximum player movement. So players can choose, for example, 1-3 steps on draw of a 3▲▲▲ card.
Spirit Stone Placement + Dark Power Tiles: Players can place their Spirit Stones on any tile in the game, except The Eye. When placed on the tile, usage of the tile (drawing a relic, tele- porting, or evoking) is blocked for all players

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