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note: If a player is moved by another player via the Bull Statue Relic onto an Evocation Tile, then evocation + combat is automatically initiated for the player that was moved. That player that was moved can still ask for the other players’ assis- tance in combat.
Sacred Symbol Cards + Scoring:
In Evocation, revealing Sacred Symbol Cards and scoring Influence Points occurs only after the first player has attempted to enter The Eye or the game ends with the Action Cards
running out.
If the player who attempted to end the game by entering The Eye does not score a decisive win then they are banished! They must re-enter the Zoneplex from the Base Board and Influence Points are scored throughout the entire game.
1-2 Player(s) Challenge Mode
Overview: The Evocation expansion for 1-2 Players drastically changes the Zoneplex game. The game becomes a race to defeat + collect one of each Fear type (Blue, Green, Purple), complete a final mission, and head into The Eye before the Action Cards run out. Influence points area not used in this mode.
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Players use the Evocation ruleset for movement (i.e. Action Cards represent max-movement).
Tile Placement:
There is no tile placement in Challenge Mode.
Dark Power Tiles act as Cursed Tiles in Chal- lenge Mode, thus weakening players passing through them by -1 Warrior Monk Strength.
Evocation Fear Stacks:
Fears are not fixed on top of their respective Evocation Stacks in Challenge Mode. If the Fear defeats the player then it is cycled to the back of its particular Evocation Stack. A player can
Remove all Fear cards from the Action Card deck and sort them by Fear class. Add 1 Master Fear in each Fear Class deck and shuffle the 3 decks. Place the 3 decks face up near the
base board.
Shuffle the remaining movement-only Action Cards and remove 10 cards (for 2 players) and 30 cards (for 1 player) and return them to the game box.
Remove or skip all Influential Relics from the Relic Card deck. From the Bonus/Kickstarter cards remove: The Operator, Relic Smasher, Kronos Serpent, and Imago. For 1 player also remove: Bull Idol, Canopic Jar, Shield of Nega- tion, Statuette of Jealousy, Mummy Hand, and Sentry Eye.
Player Setup: Standard player setup but only 2 Monkles are needed — one for moving through the Zoneplex and one for the WMS meter. Play- ers do not view their Sacred Symbol Card when received.
Setup: Remove all 9 Neutral Spirit Chamber Tiles, and the 2 Evocation Master Fear Tiles, and keep all 8 Wall Tiles and remaining Evocation Tiles. Mix tiles face down and randomly generate the Zoneplex pyramid from the bottom up, keep- ing in mind that walls cannot block entrance to The Eye.
Place tiles horizontally as you randomly generate the Zoneplex.

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